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Get Proven Hospitality Solutions

Property Management - Proprietary Management Model- Management Training - Hospitality Consulting 

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Turn Your Hotel Goals Into Reality

We draw on a wide range of experience in operating Upscale Select hotels and Upper Upscale Full-Service hotels, Professional Hotel Solutions is ready to help you streamline your management operations and facilitate your growth plans.

If you are developing or acquiring additional properties, and want to centralize your operations for efficiency and success, we provide a turnkey plan to launch your own management company. Or, if you are looking to restructure or improve performance in certain areas, we can discuss our "A La Carte" engagements.

Bringing More Than 37 Years of Industry Experience

Our experience is extensive in the hotel business and in operating a wide range of entities, multi-unit hotel portfolios, full-service and select hotels. We opened new hotels and re-positioned non-performing assets to become profitable. We  launched 5 newly structured management companies that successfully been approved by major Brands and have since expanded their  portfolios in various markets. 

PHS offer consulting in every key area of hotel operations. Our program is based on industry accepted operating procedures designed to satisfy brand standards, and meet owner objectives.


  • Proprietary Management Model
  • Implementation and Training
  • Above Property Reviews
  • Management Company Approval
  • Handling License Applications
  • Market Analysis and Revenue Projections
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How We Produce Positive Results

Our platform is supported with proven operating procedures programs, business plans, and guest service initiatives. 

With ongoing training and the use of appropriate measurement tools, we monitor performance, and apply strategies to achieve desired results.

Why Choose Us?

Our commitment is to value the rights and wishes of every client, and vendor. We treat everyone with respect and transparency, and conduct our business with full confidentiality.

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Rely on Our Expertise

Let Professional Hotel Solutions help you optimize your business strategically and effectively. Connect with us to learn more about our services and pricing.